Friday, October 23, 2009

Morgan 7 Star Hotel Beijing - Pangu Plaza

Forget about five star hotels, the latest buzz is all about seven stars! right in time for the Beijing Olympic games, China is leading with adding a second seven star hotel in the world (Dubai’s seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel was the first).

The Morgan Plaza (Now called the Pangu Plaza 7 Star Hotel) is a multiple building complex overlooking the busy Olympic District of Beijing, a neighbour with many of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues, including the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) and the National Aquatic Center (Water Cube). Also, it will be close to the National Library, the 4th largest in the world and largest in China. The Morgan Plaza Hotel occupies the "Third Block" of the "Pangu". The plaza contains two pavilions, a temple, the world's best Japanese restaurant and a 600 meter long corridor.

The hotel's spacious lobby is a combination of Chinese and Western decoration, evidenced by marble pillars and rare onmosia henryi wood carvings on the ceiling. The 88-m-tall hotel has 19 stories above ground.The hotel's vow is to pamper customers in its spacious 234 rooms and suites that have ceilings 4 m high and space of at least 45 sq m. The largest is 488 sq m. All its rooms are decorated in light colors with silken wallpaper. Modern amenities include Sony TVs, Boss acoustics, furniture from the United States and bathroom fixtures from France.

Despite the Western-style fireplace in each room, decor is typically Chinese in its imperial taste.Every room has a traditional Chinese painting with a titanium alloy framework, all copies from collections in the Palace Museum depicting ancient culture and providing a Chinese vision to guests.Lampshades are painted with dragons and auspicious clouds. Its bathrooms, with both a bathtub and shower, have TVs that enable watching while taking a bath. Luxurious viewing is further enhanced by imported spray fixtures that replicate the feel of a waterfal

The hotel's restaurants serve Chinese, Japanese, French and other Western cuisines.
The Chinese restaurant on both the 5th and 6th floors has 26 private rooms furnished in the styles of France, California, Bali, modern Chinese, Thai and England. The hotel has attracted Kaden Minokichi, a 290-year-old Japanese restaurant, to open an outlet on its 21st floor, the only one overseas for the Minokichi group. All its chefs and service staff are from Japan.Minokichi, founded in 1719 as one of eight restaurants licensed to serve freshwater fish, is one of Japan's best-known restaurants for Kyoto cuisine. Its Western cuisine is provided all day.

Rumors say that apartments at the Morgan Plaza are rented for around $800,000 a year, cheap enough for Bill Gates to rent a top floor court yard house for the Olympic Games.


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